Regrounding to reality

After twenty-some weekends away from Stuttgart (out of 26), far more trips to Switzerland (six if I include the route I took to Chamonix) than I initially intended, and a last night in Germany spent not sleeping but rather packing and repacking my suitcases, I was sadly, exhaustedly, and at last headed back to the US for my final rotation.

Frankfurt, rather than Dusseldorf, was my layover airport this time. I didn’t get to fly on the plane I had hoped to fly on, but at least I got to visit the Land of the Widebody.

I flew back to my parents’ house in western Missouri and left for Charleston, SC two days after. I drove up to Chicago rather than drive directly southeast to meet with a few friends and was treated to an incredible view of the Chicago skyline. Fleeing a thunderstorm the next morning, I headed south to what would very much not be the Alps for the next six months.


Regrounding to reality

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