Just call me tripod

For the record and as a disclaimer, this is a very lighthearted post. No offense meant anywhere, and don’t click past this introduction if you don’t like pictures of words that rhyme with “witch”.

I thought of this title before I took a single picture the day I thought of it and wondered if I could keep a straight face until I posted the blog. As it turns out, no, I couldn’t.

I woke up around 11 AM on Sunday, going to sleep the night before rather certain that I wouldn’t go to Heidelberg the next day. Problem was, it was sunny when I awoke, and as my sorties toward Switzerland show, I’m a sucker for good weather. Plus, I had a premonition that the clouds would be just right for a really colorful sunset. I decided to skip planning my following weekend and got dressed, made and ate a sandwich, grabbed my camera gear and tripod, and headed for the Hauptbahnhof. I made it all the way to Heidelberg before I realized I forgot to bring the plate that attaches my camera to the tripod, rendering the nine additional pounds of aluminum hanging off my back completely useless. Then I couldn’t figure out how to get to the castle and nearly turned around and took the next train back to Stuttgart. I picked a direction that I thought was right and followed it, however, and eventually arrived to the roads that lead up to the castle.

It’s an interesting city to say the least.

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Just call me tripod