Nürburgring Rehash

I saw a nice looking Range Rover a few weeks ago when we were at the Nordschleife. I walked around behind it to see if it was the HSE Supercharged, but I about lost my mind (one of my friends turned around to see what was up) when I saw the letters

“O V E R F I N C H”

written on the tailgate and hood.

I thought I remembered Top Gear mentioning this car a few series ago, but I wanted to make sure it was the tuning package I was thinking of. I just looked it up today, and indeed, it is what I thought it was. It comes with a revamped interior, a gun cabinet, and, for the first year of vehicle ownership, a liquor cabinet that gets refilled for free. I never thought I’d see this thing in the wild, but who knew it’d be at the Nordschleife along with equally-priced track-ready cars! Check out the reviews here and here to see what I’m on about.

Nürburgring Rehash

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