Wimping out on sunrises

Impeccable timing! I had just written a post boasting about the serenity of dawn, and a week later (photography time, not real time) I end up actually leaving work “early” to catch the sunset and the blue moon. There are two definitions of a blue moon, but in this case, the full moon was the third in a season (rather than the second in a month). It’s been a long time since I’ve explicitly gone somewhere to watch the moonrise (the last time was in 2007 on Tolmie Peak — after work on a Monday!), but whether from a mountain or a dock, it’s always impressive how quickly the moon rises over the horizon and shrinks into a tiny dot.

Charleston 10-2

The whole week was pretty mild. The evening was quiet and lazy — sailboats on the Cooper, ships coming into port, gentle breeze. Innocence of summer.

Charleston 10-1

And the sunset was playfully colorful, too.

Charleston 10-4

After the moon became the size of a tack, we started to head out but tried to grab a shot of the lightning far to the north. I didn’t have as much luck this time, but the evening served as nature’s reminder that no matter what my preference, any time of day can be a great time for photography.

Charleston 10-3

Wimping out on sunrises

3 thoughts on “Wimping out on sunrises

  1. A friend with the same Canon S90 and I were shooting late one afternoon and he suggested we stick around Shem Creek to explore what we could capture as long exposure with our limited 15 seconds maximum. It was amazing. Long after sunset, light that did not register with my eyes made for some excellent results. We DID “go gentle into that good night…”

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