Bear Island is a hot spot for bird photographers not only because of the variety of species but also for the aerial displays the birds put on. Particularly early in the morning, they were quite eager to spread their wings and even tangle with other birds.

Bear Island-6     Bear Island-8



The human eye is a wonderful marvel: it can render an entire vista with the same sharpness as focusing on an object hundreds of feet away. What seems close to the eye could be portrayed as a speck to a camera sensor, and the ability of the eye to perceive light and dark and the contrast between them is also unmatched by any camera sensor currently available. In one short morning of birding, I learned of my weaknesses as a bird photographer and those of my photographic equipment. It’s no wonder birders crave longer and longer lenses: even though birds only 30 feet in the air are easily seen by our eyes, to a 200 mm lens they’re still much too far away to fill the frame!

Bear Island-7



This must be how bankruptcy via hobby is born.




2 thoughts on “Flight

    1. Tigerotor77W says:

      Absolutely! I have in mind three more lenses — a fast wide-angle, a longer telephoto, and potentially a macro — but none of the three are particularly urgent. I hope the lack of time pressure means the bloatedness stays away. ;-)

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