Following the storm

The curious will note that a large number of my post titles are actually plays on words — water ways and waterways, “paw prints” as impressions of the Lion City, “essence of” vs. “a sense of” the Smokies, etc — and this one is no different. I didn’t actually follow Hurricane Arthur (thankfully hardly impacting Charleston) northward, but I was anxious to see if its aftermath would make for a decent sunset. After work on Independence Day-eve, I ventured out to see if there would be any color after the storm.


Although the forecast had called for only 30% cloud cover by sundown, clouds along the low horizon dampened my hopes for anything too impressive. The sun dropped into a clear zone before disappearing again above the trees, but then the sky started to turn. And kept turning. A photographer I respect wrote a post some time ago about the duality of sunsets: for colorful skies, there are actually two. From this same location earlier this year, I actually missed the second, more colorful one, so this time, between realizing I had a pretty decent vantage point of the Daniel Island fireworks and interested to see how the second colorburst would play out, I stayed for the second sunset.

July 3 evening-1


I had expected to be around Shem Creek for sunset, though I’d call this spot an attractive alternative. As an added bonus, this location looked across the Wando River toward Daniel Island, meaning I could watch the Daniel Island fireworks after the sun and clouds finished their dance. Sometimes it’s interesting how photographic opportunities present themselves!

July 3 evening-2      July 3 evening-3

Following the storm

4 thoughts on “Following the storm

  1. chuckography2014 says:

    Excellent intuition. And a beautiful result.

    My 5-year tradition is to go start a beer at Madra Rua and, about 9:05, walk up to Virginia Ave. Cross and join the folks camped out to watch the fireworks.

    Take some shots, and when it ends, walk back to the Rua and finish my beer.

    Beats the crowds at Riverfront Park.


  2. Tigerotor77W says:

    That sounds like a pretty awesome idea, Chuck! It’s amazing to me how much draw such a short festivity has. Fireworks displays last, what, 20 minutes? And are mostly similar year to year? Yet people put up with terrible traffic, bugs, and not doing much before the sun goes down to watch the spectacle time and time again.

    I’m not complaining or judging; I did it this year, too. Twice! (Although, like you, I also parked in areas that would avoid the traffic.)

    1. chuckography2014 says:

      Since I started my diet (June 5), I dropped off for a week while we were in Boston/P-Town and NYC and only regained two pounds, so I’m really trying to be “good.”

      Means less beers of course but had one delicious Boddingtons with a bun-less grilled chicken sandwich at Madra Rua. They substituted steamed mixed veggies for the fries and I enjoyed it.

      We did join some families parked on the corner of Virginia Avenue and I snapped a few shots.

      Online I have seen some terrific effects done by switching from out-of-focus to sharp during a one second exposure. Really cool! Also a view captured by flying a Go Pro on a drone into the explosions!

      You relaxing today?

      1. Tigerotor77W says:

        Good luck with the self-control to resist some of the unhealthy food down here — it’s not easy so keep up the good work!

        I saw a drone at the Mt. Pleasant fireworks, but I’m not sure if a video was ever posted. I did see a YouTube video (set to Con Te Partiro) where a drone flew into the fireworks — really impressive stuff! I would have liked to shoot from the Bridge and get close, too, but alas the bridge closes during the fireworks.

        I spent today on Lake Newtown — water skiing and taking it easy. Was really nice!

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