Everything under the sun

Early this weekend, I heard a car dealership advertise that it stocked “everything under the sun.” Overthinker that I am, I read into the statement and wondered how accurate it was. Turns out, this is an interesting pun because a) there is actually quite a lot to do in the Carolinas and b) the sun is out a lot here, making it possible to actually do a lot of the “quite a lot to do.”


Of course, for the July 4 Mt. Pleasant fireworks, neither analysis was particularly relevant, but the double entendre didn’t go unnoticed through the rest of the sunny weekend on a boat (!). There were a few times where red, white, and blue fireworks were in the air at the same time, but unpatriotically I managed to catch only one such explosion (detonation? I really have no idea how these incendiary terms work).

July 4 fireworks-3


I was hoping to be on the Ravenel Bridge to photograph the fireworks, but as it turns out they close it to pedestrian traffic. After taking refuge at a lower elevation, the fireworks started earnestly enough shortly after I set up my tripod.

July 4 fireworks-1


A few minutes into the show, the choreographers (pyrotechnicians? Pyrotechnists?) threw in some palm trees as a reminder of what state we were in.

July 4 fireworks-2


The previous night, my exposures were set too long during the grand finale and I ended up blowing out the images during the finale. This time, I set the exposure time shorter — but didn’t take into account the wind, which was more or less blowing all the smoke a few degrees west of where I had set up.

July 4 fireworks-4




I don’t typically make a thing of fireworks displays, but next year, assuming I do this again, I’ll camp out on James Island or by the Charleston Aquarium so that the bridge can also make its way into yet more of my Charleston photos.


Everything under the sun

2 thoughts on “Everything under the sun

  1. chuckography2014 says:

    Agree that a foreground or background object (Ravenel) provides depth and scale to fireworks photos. (I have yet to add that element myself, but totally always plan to do so.)

    Nice captures of the grandeur of explosions in the sky.

    Where did you land for your shoot? Maritime Center on the harbor?

    1. Tigerotor77W says:

      We’ll see how the Ravenel does as a backdrop. I don’t have high hopes but it could be interesting. I’d prefer to shoot toward the Charleston skyline — it’d require a low vantage point and separation from the barge, which is nearly impossible…

      I ended up by the buildings between Patriot’s Point and the bridge. Bridgeside Blvd has a small cove that offers decent west-looking views of the bridge.

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