A Turbid Sunset

In late August, I decided to give Pitt St another go-around. The week had been rainy but cleared as it neared Friday, leaving behind some clouds and making me hope the sunset would be a bombshell of color.

Pitt sunset-1


As a backdrop for the steeples of downtown Charleston, the low horizon did indeed turn red. The difficulty was, as usual, in the low clouds that ended up swallowing the sun whole.

Pitt Sunset-2



Without the sun to bounce light, the sky gradually turned blue and the color in the clouds faded away, leaving only ships to churn slowly toward the waters of the Atlantic.

Pitt Sunset-3



Even the best photographic intentions are sometimes foiled. My luck with Lowcountry sun movements hasn’t been the best, but getting to see the sunset or sunrise scene unveil is still exciting every time. Successful or not, I’ll be back for more. :-)

Pitt Sunset-4

A Turbid Sunset

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