One half-score ago

Several weeks ago, I missed out on a string of incredible sunsets. The one day I happened to be free, the sky remained largely colorless, but I lucked out a few evenings after when I acted on an hunch that the clouds to the south could be promising.



To the west, where there were no clouds to catch the color, the city settled in for the night under an orange-pink sky. Color-2


This scene and skyline is now my home and has been for a few years. Some time ago, before I got much into photography, I grew up to a different skyline. After ten years away, I finally made it back for a refamiliarization trip.  


Chicago. Though the name of my current city begins with the same two letters, the two places are rather significantly distinct. I had almost forgotten how nostalgic the Chicago skyline makes me, and with views like these it didn’t take long to remind me of what I used to call home.



I lucked out (again) with great weather on this trip — between terrific weather last year in the Allgäu, a warm autumn in Italy, dissipating smog in Singapore, and sunny days in China, I’ve had a streak of clear skies on most of my trips. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky during my entire trek from Huron to Roosevelt. Chicago-2


Around Charleston especially, I prefer to shoot at dawn or dusk to take advantage of soft light and intense color, but even at midday on a quiet winter Saturday, Chicago was beautiful. In the warm sun, blocks removed from the hum of the city, this was welcome relief from the chaos of manufacturing. Chicago-6


Cold concrete blocked the sun’s rays in places, however, where ice remained on the sidewalk.



Two days prior, the evening of Thanksgiving day, the low temperature for the evening was 17 °F. People seemed to stay indoors — fortunately [in the intended spirit of the holiday] not all at retailers. This was as empty as I’ve ever seen an Apple store.



Over half my life ago, I lived on the outskirts of this incredible city. I’m still a bigger fan of the magic in the mountains, but it was almost equally as nourishing to see my old hometown and catch up with old friends again. Until another trip beckons, seaside sunrises and pictures of that bridge it will be!

One half-score ago

One thought on “One half-score ago

  1. chuckography2014 says:

    I left Charleston as a teenager, and as a brand new Marine forged down at Parris Island. I lived in California, Missouri, Minnesota and Tallahassee, before returning to my hometown. My Mom said I was in a big looping circle, slowly zoning in on Charleston.
    As usual, Mom was probably right.

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