When I first thought I’d be seeing one in Norway (I actually walked or drove by two during my time there), the image my extensive vocabulary conjured up was one like this. In person, and at the wrong time of day, it looks nothing like that — but my travel plan for the two months of August and September resembles the graphic (not sure what the lightning symbolizes, however). My itinerary has looked like this:

July 30-31: Italy

August 5-6: Strasbourg

August 12-13: Zermatt

August 19-20: Norway (Tromsø)

August 20-21: Norway (Stamsund / Lofoten)

August 27-28: Norway (Moskenesøy, traveling back to Stuttgart)

For the record, that’s travel on every weekend of August. A friend came last week to visit for ten days, and the itinerary now looks thus: Continue reading “Maelstrom”