Duck duck duck

I think I have more posts about my three weeks away than I do about Charleston. Here’s a few photos from the Charleston Duck Race to rectify that (more to come soon).


For the past few years, 25,000 [rubber] ducks get dumped off a bridge and into the Wando River for the race, which is hosted by the Rotary Club of Daniel Island. There’s not always a lot of current, so sometimes the ducks need a little bit of coaxing to get to the finish line.

Charleston 8-4

Wasn’t sure what to expect when that many ducks are dumped from 100 feet above the water — they make a surprisingly big splash! Most of my subjects typically don’t move quickly so in the excitement of watching the splash I actually didn’t get a picture of it. Oh well. There’s always next year.

Charleston 8-1 Charleston 8-2

While watching the ducks float downstream, I was joined by hundreds of fiddler crabs who were annoyed I was stomping on their homes.

Charleston 8-3

Duck duck duck

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